Former Nominee



Tamsin Nottage.

2014-First Runner Up, Lyford Cay International School


Currently Grade 8, Lyford Cay International School, CGPA: 4.43


First Representative from Lyford Cay, International School in the 2015, National Spelling Bee


The Bahamas Primary School Student of the Year experience was once in a lifetime opportunity. I was extremely honored to be chosen to represent Lyford Cay International School in the competition and am grateful for all of the hard work my school, teachers, family and coaches put in to assist me in doing well. In the end, this gracious help and support ensured my success in the competition and I joyfully and gratefully accepted the prestigious award for the First Runner Up.

This experience was amazing one for me, as I was able to define myself as a student ,discovering who I really was and what I was capable of doing . In addition to this competition such as the Bahamas Primary School Student of The Year allow children from different schools all over The Bahamas to interact with one another. This was my favorite part of the competition, because it was always my goal to make new friends. As a result of participating in the Bahamas Primary School Student of The Year competition. I have the self-confidence to strive to achieve my full potential in school and in life. I am extremely grateful to the Foundation for this tremendous opportunity.




































































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